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A travel center for explorers of Baja California, México.
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I Like Whale Watching!

by Nichole Larrabee

Nichole is 12, a sixth-grader, and happily resides in San Diego, CA.  Besides playing games on the computer, she frequently accompanies her parents on trips to Baja California. 

Hi, I’m Nichole and I would like to tell you about my experience Whale Watching. I’ve been out on San Ignacio Lagoon, which is one of three of the most well known places to go whale watching in Baja California. You can also go whale watching at Scammon’s lagoon, near Guerrero Negro or at Magdalena Bay.

Whale watching in Baja California is an awesome thing to do. I went whale watching with my mom, dad, brothers (2), and some friends of my dad! It was in the late winter/Early spring, between January and March. Our boat driver’s name was Cuco. He took us whale watching out on San Ignacio Lagoon for about 3 or 4 hours. We went out for the fun, but also learned a lot too, so it was also educational.

Whales are common with us in many ways. For instance:

bullet#1 they are mammals and so are we
bullet#2 they have fun times with their family just like we do
bullet#3 they travel and so do we
bullet#4 they grow just like we do
bullet#5 they love to play around just like we do!

Gray whales at once were almost extinct! Which was very sad, I think. Don’t you think so too? I love gray whales. They are one of my favorite animals. Although some people think they are ugly creatures they really aren’t. Gray whales may be very bumpy on the outside, but in the inside they have feelings for everyone who is nice, generous, and loving to them. Gray whales are awesome especially if you get to watch them play with each other.

As far as the weather and what to pack if you are going whale watching in Baja California… you might want to pack some shorts and a pair of pants just in case it gets cold (ed. note: especially along the Pacific Coast). You should pack T-shirts, a sweater, a toothbrush, toothpaste, sandals, socks, tennis shoes, chapstick, a brush, a ponytail holder if your hair is long enough (ed. note: Ahh… girls, of course)!

That’s my article and I hope you enjoy Mexico!



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